“I would like to say a big thank-you for helping me settle in. I am very happy […] I can talk to you anytime. I am happy working with you” – Individual we support at Pound Farm – 2017



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  • “I had a lovely morning meeting staff, residents and other service users. The creative learning groups were stimulating and inspiring and I very much enjoyed participating in them” – Visitor – 2017


    “I mentioned to you yesterday that I find it a lovely atmosphere at St Mary’s court and I then thought perhaps I could put this into an email for you […] you know that everyone, housemates and staff work together and care about each other’s needs” – Independent Facilitator – 2018



    Our purpose is to work alongside people with learning disabilities and others who seek our support, to develop confidence, skills and independence. We succeed because of our values, the people we work with, blending our business, social and environmental goals. We promote the rights of people we work with and encourage people with disabilities to find a voice to represent their own views. And we recognize the value and opportunities the environment gives to people to flourish and achieve what is important. We receive much of our funding from personal budgets or the local authorities who fund care and support. But we want to find alternative funding to provide the services we think will benefit our community and provide ‘something more’ for people. Fundraising, grants and donations are really important to us.


    We are very keen to take referrals from individuals as well as organisations, and make the process of referring as easy as possible. If you would like to refer yourself or somebody else, please phone 01531 671080, or use this form. Put in a few basic facts, and we’ll reply by email with forms, if appropriate. If you’d like us to phone you add your number with a good time to call.



    We have a core partnership with the people we support and their families. For this work to have a lasting and meaningful effect then we seek the support of others in our communities. We think there is a benefit in developing collaborations with local employers, businesses, other training providers and people in the community. We try to get involved with what is going on, help organise new things and make the most of living and working locally.

    • We have developed our relationships in our local communities through fundraising and community events.
    • We have received donations from local residents in surrounding towns and villages.
    • We have developed a wellbeing and sensory garden in Ledbury with money awarded to us by the Tesco Bogs of Help scheme. We have also been able to develop the area around our pizza oven with help from the Co-op Local Community Fund.
    • We take part in one-day agriculture shows.
    • We have developed an on-going relationships with local councillors and the people we support have been invited to represent our organisation at several ‘citizen’ events.
    • We encourage local businesses to volunteer with us.
    • We are supported by local groups and organisations, for example, Ross Rotary selected us as their charity of choice for 2016/17.
    • We have a meeting room with facilities that is available for people to hire and use.
    • We have raised money for other charities including Sport Relief.
    • We encourage and work with a range of volunteers.

    If there is a project or idea that you think we could be involved with, please contact us:


    New Bathrooms and Kitchen at Keeper’s Cottage Complete. A big thank-you to the Wolfson Foundation for the funding they provided to re-furbish four bathrooms at Keeper’s Cottage. At the end of 2016 work on the kitchen downstairs was also completed. Funding for this project was provided by a grant from Screwfix and also money donated by Councillor Annette Crowe which was raised during her time as Ledbury’s Mayor in 2015-16.

    Funds for jobs Salters Hill Charity was successful in bidding for Well-Being Innovation Funds from Herefordshire County Council. The fund was used to develop a new and ambitious project that is one of the key objectives of our charity. We have been…

    • working with local employers to develop work and volunteering placements for adults with learning disability thoughout the county.
    • preparing adults with learning disability for work, and matching them with suitable placements.
    • supporting them in their placements.
    • training a team of volunteers to help us do this.

    Due to the success of this project we are looking for on-going funding to support this work.


    Please visit the main recruitment page for Walsingham Support to view our current employment opportunities in the Midlands region.


    We currently have opportunities for...


    We are currently looking for volunteers who can pick up and drop off the people we support at different times throughout the day to enable them to take part in different activities and access paid and voluntary employment. After completing familiarisation training, the volunteer will be given the use of one of our charity's vehicles. They will also receive an induction and training including Safeguarding. The volunteer might be interested in doing the same route each week and spend time getting to know a particular group (some of our drivers have volunteered for over 10 years!), or they might like to volunteer on a more ad hoc basis- this role can be flexible. If you are interested, please contact our Volunteer Co-ordinator Laura for a friendly chat- or phone 01531 671080.


    We are looking for a friendly and reliable volunteer who can spend an hour each week teaching an adult with a learning disability the skills they need to use an I-pad or electronic tablet to stay in touch with friends and family and for entertainment. This could include learning how to use email and social media safely. You do not need to be a computer expert, but you should be confident in showing somebody else how to use a tablet to stay in touch with friends and family. If you are interested, please contact our Volunteer Co-ordinator Laura for a friendly chat- or phone 01531 671080. Take a look at the video clip below to hear about the kinds of things you could support somebody to do as a Digital Skills Buddy.

    Please note: once these videos have finished playing they will link to other You-tube videos which are available. Walsingham Support do not accept any responsibility for the content or selection of these videos.

    For more information about any of our volunteering opportunities please contact our Volunteer Co-ordinator Laura via our Regional Ledbury office on 01531 671080 or email

    SALTERS HILL CHARITY LIMITED. Registered in England No: 1770252 A company limited by guarantee. Registered Charity No. 288379

    See our page on the Charity Commission website.

    Chief Executive: Paul Snell

    Visit Walsingham Support's Website

    Salters Hill Barn, Keeper’s Cottage, Falcon Lane, Ledbury, Herefordshire HR8 2JN. t: 01531 671080 e:

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