Recently the people who attend some of our outdoor Creative Learning sessions have been involved in planting hedges as part of the wellbeing and sensory garden we have created at our site on Falcon Lane, just outside Ledbury. The trees which the groups planted came from the Woodland Trust as part of their Community Trees project.

The plugs arrived safely in November and were planted in sheltered nursery beds where they were checked and tended by our Creative Learning groups. This involved identifying each sapling type and carefully creating a plan of planting which was agreed by members of the groups. Despite one or two set backs with the weather, the hedge is now in place we are waiting impatiently for Spring to appear!

The 50 meter hedge with form an eco-friendly barrier between the activity area of the sensory garden and the meadow which is used to graze our small flock of pedigree Ryland’s sheep.

Thanks to the Woodland Trust we also now have an added resource for our Creative Learning Animals and Rural Skills, Gardening, Bush Craft & Ecology Groups.